Asset Recovery: Committee Not Out To Witch Hunt Past Administration – Igbalaye

The Secretary to the Osun State Government, who doubles as the Chairman of the Osun State Asset Recovery Committee, Hon. Igbalaye Teslim in a press conference held at the Exco’s Lounge of the Governor’s@ office today assured the people of Osun State that the committee would adhere strictly to the rule of law while carrying out its mandate.

Igbalaye while addressing the press said due diligence will remain a priority. He further stressed that the press conference was called to have a clear picture of the situation, stating that Osun people should not see development as a means to hunt the past administration.

“It was imperative for the committee to go through due process after the inauguration. Government properties like vehicles, and buildings which were illegally possessed must be returned to the Osun State Government immediately”

The Osun State SSG while speaking reiterated critical observations by the Taskforce in a meeting held on Tuesday, 5th March 2024.

“At its meeting held on Tuesday, 5th March 2024, the Task Force observed as follows:

i. That due diligence should be done with a view to ascertaining vehicles/assets that were lawfully permissible to be taken home from those illegally taken away;

ii. That the Executive Governor had the prerogative power to allow any political appointee go home with his/her official vehicle, having served for at least a period of two (2) years and payment of some amount of money into the coffers of the government, and if the vehicle was less than four (4) years old, the appointee would pay 10% of the residual value of such official vehicle;

iii. The approval granted by the immediate past Executive Governor for the release and eventual ownership of the official vehicles (Kia cars) allocated to members of the immediate past Osun State Executive Council followed due process; and

iv. That the letter of permission written by the immediate past Head of Service, directing political appointees of the immediate past administration to go home with the official vehicles allocated to them was, however, illegal.”

“Consequently, all government assets/ vehicles that are hitherto in the possession of the political appointees of the immediate past administration, which are not captured in the express provisions of paragraphs ii and iii above, are deemed to have been illegally carted away, and such must be returned to the Osun State Government immediately.”

Responding to questions of ease and means of recovery, the SSG maintained that the task force consists of legal and security representatives who are mandated to make sure that operations are carried out with respect to the rule of law.

“We have legal and security representatives. They are on this committee to make sure that the rule of law takes preeminence”, he concluded.

The SSG assured everyone that as another meeting is due in a few days, the public will be kept abreast of developments as events continue to unfold.

Kehinde Adeoye,
Media aide to the Secretary to the Osun State Government.

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