OSCCE ILA: New Acting Provost Resumes Office Amidst Rousing Reception from Staff, receive Royal Blessings from Orangun of Ila

OSCCE ILA: New Acting Provost Resumes Office Amidst Rousing Reception from Staff, receive Royal Blessings from Orangun of Ila

‘I will adopt a Worker’s friendly Approach Policy, Ensure Unity and Productivity Among The Workforce’ -Ag. Provost, Dr Jimoh Declares

Labour Union, Student and Community Leaders Commends Governor Adeleke

*By Oluniyi Isamotu

It was a carnival like atmosphere on Monday in the ancient city of Ila Orangun when the newly appointed Acting Provost of Osun State College of Education, Ila Orangun resume office after his announcement as the new helmsman of the Educational institution by Governor Ademola Adeleke.

The entourage of the new Acting Provost visited the Palace of Orangun of Ila, Oba Wahab Oyedotun “Bibire 1” for his royal blessings before proceeding to the school for resumption of duties.

At the Palace, Oba Oyedotun appreciates the Governor for making the right choice in appointing Dr. Jimoh into the new position.

“Dr L.A Jimoh is the right choice and the community choice for this position. I called the Governor, and i applaud him for hearking to my calls in deciding rightly for our community in appointing the best candidate for the Acting Provost role of the school. I’m excited concerning this development, and I pray for his success in office,” Oba Oyedotun stated in his speech at the palace.

In his remark, the new Acting Provost, Dr Lasisi Jimoh appreciate the Governor for his appointment while assuring he won’t disappoint the confidence reposed in him by the Governor and the community in the discharge of his responsibilities in office.

He further said he will adopt a worker’s friendly administrative style in office while ensuring productivity and unity of purpose among the workforce of the college community.

“In this new administration in the school, I will adopt a worker’s friendly approach. As a Comrade, former unionist, and member of staff of the school at a time, I surely know where the shoe pinches for our workers, and this will be necessarily addressed. I assured the labour unions that during my time in office, we will not have any cause to fight, and I will not have any cause to offend you.”

He further told the college community that they would not be disappointed as he equally sought support and collaboration of everyone for his success in office.

” I seek the collaboration and support of everyone to uplift the standards of the college. I assure you, there won’t be any vendetta or vindictiveness in this new administration. There will not be any discrimination, this is the era of unity and joy for everyone,” the Acting Provost Provost reiterated as he address the throng long of excited members of staff and well-wishers that welcomed him to the school.

The Acting Registrar, Mr A.O. Abiodun thereafter unveiled the new Acting Provost to the School community while the Deputy Provost Dr. Nathaniel Olokede welcomed the Acting Provost to his office onbehalf of the management and principal officers of the school while assuring him of the support of the entire school management for his success in office.

Comrade Adesegun Obasanjo, the Chairman, Non-Academic Staff Union (NASU) in the school who spoke onbehalf of other labour unions in the school commend the Governor for picking the right choice that will resuscitate the lost glory of the college while pleading with the new Acting Provost to use his native knowledge and background information on the myriads of problems facing the school to proffer lasting solutions to it, especially as it concerns worker’s welfare.

Prayers were offered while Prince Oyinlola, Chief Douglas, and other community leaders appreciate the Governor for the appointment of Dr Lasisi Ayanda Jimoh as the new Acting Provost of the school.

Dr L.A Jimoh was appointed by Governor Ademola as the new Acting Provost of the Osun State College of Education on the 26th of January, 2024.

Before his appointment, Dr Jimoh has spent a cumulative of 22 years as a lecturer at the College, Chairman, Council of Academic Unions of Osun State Tertiary Institutions ( CASUOSTI) 2013- 2016, and a Doctorate degree holder in Islamic Studies from University of Ilorin.

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