Osun Government, Red-Cross Partners to Eradicate Cholera and Other Diseases in Osun State

Osun Government, Red-Cross Partners to Eradicate Cholera and Other Diseases in Osun State

‚óŹ As Red-Cross Rate Osun Govt High In Health Intervention

*By Oluniyi Isamotu

The Osun state government, under the administration of Governor Ademola Adeleke, has worked out modalities to partner with Red Cross International in its effort to eradicate cholera outbreak and other diseases in the state.

This was disclosed at an incidence meeting and bilateral discussion between the officials of the Ministry of Health led by the Special Adviser on Public Health to the Governor, Dr Akindele Adekunle and contingent of Red-Cross organisation.

Dr Akindele acknowledged the support the organisation is ready to render for the state in eradicating cholera and other diseases in the state. He said without such support from a humanitarian organisation like Red Cross and other development partners, the government will have too much burden on itself in ensuring effective eradication of those diseases.

” I sincerely want to thank your organisation for coming on board to partner with us in eradicating cholera and other diseases in our state.”

” In the recent Cholera outbreak we had, we realise we have skilled health workers but bad medical facilities in the remote area of the state to quickly attend to this cases. This informs the reason why the government is embarking on comprehensive renovation of over 300 primary healthcare centres with reticulated water systems and 24-hour power service.

“This we believe will help mitigate against the spread of this diseases whenever there is an outbreak as our skilled health workers will be able to work within an equipped medical facilities in attending to such cases quickly enough,” The Special Adviser on Public Health, Dr Akindele reiterated in his address at the meeting.

The Chairman Red Cross Osun State Branch, Elder Sanya Olopade applauded the Osun State government for the commendable health intervention they’ve embark on in the state, thereby rating Osun government high in their performance indicator of the health sector.

” As an organisation, we’re impressed with the government of Osun on various actions in the health sector. With the seriousness the government of Osun has shown so far, we’re here today to affirm our readiness to partner with the Osun government in the area of their needs.

“No government can do it alone. With the open arm Osun government has shown, we will do what we can do in our capacity to support Osun in eradicating this disease and other ones,” the Red-Cross official stated.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Dr Isiaka Adekunle said the Ministry has engaged in a multi disciplinary approach by partnering with some sister agencies(Ministry of information, Ministry of Water, RUWESA) and others in helping to curb the spread of it and information dissemination to the public.

He highlighted some of the factors that contribute to the outbreak of this disease to include open dumping sites, open defecation, and unprotected sources of water, among others.

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