Insecurity: Osun Security Council Adopts Preemptive Measures…● Lift Curfew on Ifon/Ilobu

Insecurity: Osun Security Council Adopts Preemptive Measures

OSOGBO -12/04/2024 –

Following security alerts raised by Governor Ademola Adeleke, the State Security Council has adopted preemptive and proactive measures to secure the state.

Rising from the security council meeting chaired by Governor Adeleke, the Council resolved among others to strengthen interagency intelligence sharing, the creation of a rapid response joint security taskforce, strengthening of logistic support for security operations.

The Council as approved by the Governor lifted the curfew imposed on Ifon/Ilobu following the communal crisis.

Other measures agreed to by the Council include integration of hunters and forest rangers into grassroot policing, strengthening the Safe School Initiative, eagle eye on the border regions especially Kwara/Osun , Osun/Ondo and Osun/Ekiti among others.

The Council while reviewing the performance of the state government in relation to state security commended the Governor for implementing many good governance projects and programmes.

Several Service Commanders affirmed that good governance delivery in Osun state simplified security tasks and will also fast track the achievement of the preemptive measures adopted at the meeting.

The Governor while addressing the meeting called for urgent precautionary actions said the reports of threats to peace and security within the state school system and rural farm communities. Whether the report is credible or not, we have a duty to act as urgently as possible.

“We have reports that those behind the plot are targeting disruption of farming activities through kidnappings and attacks on rural farm settlements.

“ Schools are being targeted with abductions and attacks as a way of distracting from the implementation of the safe school initiative and the multi-billion naira infrastructure plan.

“There are signals that bandits from other states are facing Osun state. We need to secure our border from the influx of such criminals especially Kwara-Osun boundary, Ondo/Garage Olode boundary among others;

“We must review safety and security measures in our schools. The Safe School Initiative must be well implemented.

“We must work with hunters and forest rangers to safeguard our forests and border towns.

“We are also initiating a reform of the Amotekun force. We want the force to be more.efficiently run and managed

“On Ifon/Ilobu , we must review and possibly lift the curfew in view of Ramadan era;

“We need to redouble our attention to cultism clashes at Ilesa. The killings must stop.

“I urge us to also pay attention to inner city kidnappings and burglary. The CP must take proactive measures on this;

“We need to fully set up our Joint Task Force to fully man the state. We need a rapid response force.

“Let’s also fortify our correctional centers. We must guard against jailbreak”, the Governor submitted.

Oluomo Kolapo Alimi,
Hon Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment

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