APC Should not Set Osun Ablaze – Osun PDP

APC Should not Set Osun Ablaze – Osun PDP

‚óŹ Keep our name off your self-inflicted crisis

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The Osun State Chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has issued a strong warning to a faction in the opposition party, APC, under the chairmanship of Tajudeen Lawal, concerning its rudderless statements.

Reacting to Lawal’s statement about the division within the APC, the State Chairman of the ruling party, Hon. Sunday Bisi slammed APC factional chairman and his factional leader to keep the name of PDP out of their internal crisis. Hon Sunday Bisi described the statement as a deep picture of an irresponsible leadership structure in Osun APC.

In the statement released by the party media office, he stated that “Lawal and his factional group should look in the mirror to identify APC problem and stop displaying acts of filthy cowardice by consistently looking for who to blame for their scandalous defeats in 2022 and 2023 elections.

“A mad man would remain mad until he’s conscious of his malady. Lawal’s APC should first acknowledge that the party performed too poorly while in power, which is the basis for people’s revolt against them.”

“Lawal should be aware that Democracy is all about the people, and it was the Osun People that rejected them at the polls because of their arrogance in maladministration which they have continued to display even in their new status as opposition party.”

“The ruling party is not the cause of the APC internal crisis as the PDP government is too busy with satisfying people’s yearnings. So it is thoughtless and dumb to point accusing fingers at the PDP for its inevitable fractionalization.”

“He should also be informed that Osun people, including members of APC, are at liberty to decide which party or association they want to belong to.”

“Therefore, if Lawal and his co-travellers lack administrative acumen to solve their problems, the PDP administration of Governor Ademola Adeleke will not tolerate any form of subtle threats against the people including members of the PDP. So Lawal and his faction should bury whatever thoughts of setting the state blaze,” he concluded.

Hon. Sunday Bisi
State Chairman,
Osun PDP

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