Commissioner for Youth Affairs, Hon. Olagunju Moshood Olalekan Dispels misunderstanding regarding Imole Youth crops scheme.


In response to a recent article by an online print medium, ADULAWO NEWS titled “IMOLE YOUTH CORPS: ENDLESS WAITING AND THE PROMISE OF GOV. ADELEKE,” the Honorable Commissioner For Youth Affairs, Hon. Olagunju Moshood Olalekan, seeks to clarify misconceptions surrounding the IMOLE YOUTH CORPS SCHEME. The article falsely claimed that the registration process would be conducted solely through manual means, using pen and paper, leading to potential confusion among the public.

Contrary to the assertion of a manual registration process, Hon. Olagunju Moshood Olalekan clarifies that a dedicated website has been established for online registration, emphasizing the program’s commitment to a digital approach rather than a traditional, pen-and-paper method.

Addressing concerns about the delay in launching the scheme, it’s important to acknowledge Governor Ademola Adeleke’s proactive efforts in addressing various sectors, such as road infrastructure, health, and education, within the first year of his administration. The Commissioner attributes the delay in the Imole Youth Corps Program to thorough planning aimed at ensuring its success.

Highlighting Governor Adeleke’s commitment to youth engagement, the Commissioner reveals that the strategic silence surrounding the scheme allowed the government to unveil comprehensive details at an opportune time. This approach aims to surpass the organizational and remuneration standards set by the previous administration.

In conclusion, the narrative suggesting exclusive manual registration for the Imole Youth Corps Program lacks accuracy. The use of an online platform for registration reflects Governor Adeleke’s commitment to modern and efficient processes. As the program unfolds, the public is advised to await official announcements from credible sources to avoid misinformation and confusion.

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