Governor Adeleke; A Worker, Rather than A Talker By Azeez Olakunle Dinho-Apomu

Governor Adeleke; A Worker, Rather than A Talker

By Azeez Olakunle Dinho-Apomu

The Bible says in the book of Proverbs 29:2 that, When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoices: But when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

Osun State once had absentee leaders who disallowed the masses of workers from reaching them, but what we are witnessing in Osun today, is a cordial relationship between the state and the people, between government and workers.

Governor Adeleke has once again proven himself a politician with high level of integrity by fulfilling yet another campaign promise, changing the story of Osun Workers and prisoners from “Eku-iroju” to “Eru-ndupe

Recall that yesterday, the incumbent administration led by Governor Ademola Adeleke had just approved a long awaited promotion for all the state civil servants who are due. Today, the payment of March 2024 salaries, pensions, and palliative have also been approved to allow workers to afford Easter/Ramadan expenses without any hindrance.

It appears here that in Nigerian political landscape of today, there are more easier said-than-done Governors than those who walk the talk. Governor Ademola Adeleke is a Worker, not a talker. We are grateful to our proactive and dedicated Governor for being a man who is faithful to his words and being a worker’s friendly Governor.

We are happy we have moved past that stage where Osun State workers do not get paid before the arrival of major festivities. A stage where most families celebrate festive on an empty stomach or otherwise on borrowed funds. A state where promotions are done only on paper without implementation.

Thank you Mr. Governor for making sure your campaign promises are reflective of your administration. We thank you for fulfilling promises towards the prompt payment of salaries and pensions in the state and changing the narratives of Osun workers. We understood where we were coming from, we were more prepared and that is why we appreciate where we are today.

Azeez Mao Olakunle Dinho,
Writes from Apomu, Isokan Local Government.

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