Governor Adeleke Approves Construction of Hajj Camp for Osun State

Governor Adeleke Approves Construction of Hajj Camp for Osun State

OSOGBO- 24/03/2024 –

Governor Ademola Adeleke has approved the construction of Osun State Hajj Camp with immediate effect.

Speaking at Nasfat Ramadan lecture today at Osogbo, Governor Adeleke bemoaned a situation whereby Osun state is the only state in the South West without a hajj camp, vowing to lay the foundation for Hajj Camp before the commencement of the next holy pilgrimage exercise.

“I am told Osun is the only state in the South West without an hajj camp. This must no longer be the case. If the previous government did nothing, we have a duty to provide a befitting camp. Osun must not be left out”, the Governor told the cheering NASFAT members.

He directed relevant government agencies to link with the Osun State muslim community on appropriate locations and further compliance processes.

The Governor who joined in the drumming of “bandiri” drums listed the many projects and programmes of his administration and assured the muslim faithful that he is in office to serve the people.

“I am in office to serve the people. I am your servant. The voters are the masters. We the elected are the servants. I have that reality right. And that is why my efforts and focus are on serving the people.

“I refused to collect security votes. I said we should use it for infrastructures. Almighty Allah has blessed me and my family before getting into this office. Our focus is to deepen the good name of my family by genuinely serving the people.

“ I am completing abandoned projects and I am executing new ones. I am after good names. Our government is for the people, not for self-enrichment as in the past”, the Governor noted.

The Governor accompanied by the Secretary to the State Government , Hon Teslim Igbalaye; House Speaker, Rt Hon Adewale Egbedun and members of the State Executive Council listened all through the lecture delivered by Sheikh Abdul-Razak Aduamigba from Adabiyah family, Ilorin.

The lecturer had charged the Governor to continue his good work of developing the state as was done by his late brother, affirming that “the people as at today trust and love you.

“You are serving them well and they are happy with you. Continue to deliver for the people. Allah is your strength”, Sheikh Aduamigba declared.

Mallam Olawale Rasheed,
Spokesperson to the State Governor

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