Governor Adeleke Pays Another Half Salary Debt, Says Osun Fund is under Judicious Management

Governor Adeleke Pays Another Half Salary Debt, Says Osun Fund is under Judicious Management

Osogbo- 07/02/2024 –

Governor Ademola Adeleke has approved payment of another batch of half salary debt with workers currently receiving alerts statewide.

The salary debt of almost N30 billion was owed by the previous government of the All Progressive Congress(APC). The liability also includes about N56 billion pension debt also owed workers by the previous APC government.

Governor Adeleke on assumption of office however announced a comprehensive template to pay up both the pension and half salary debts to alleviate the pains and sufferings of workers and their dependents.

The salary and pension debts have since been paid on a quarterly basis in line with a template accepted by both workers and government.

The current alerts for this quarter’s half salary debt follow payment last week of wage awards to workers and pensioners in the state.

Speaking on the new development, Governor Adeleke said he is committed to settling the pension and salary debts, noting that his administration will not trade workers’ welfare for any other thing.

“I am clearing the mess I met on ground. I am paying off the half salary and pension debts. Yes, we cannot watch our people suffering and unattended to. Ours is a compassionate government. We are focussed on making positive impacts on our people.

“The state fund and accruals are being judiciously managed. We are not a thieving government. Ours is about accountability, transparency and due process. Our funds are going into tangible programmes and policies to alleviate the suffering of our people”, the Governor was quoted as saying.

Mallam Olawale Rasheed,
Spokesperson to the State Governor

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