Ignore APC Propaganda on Alleged N148 Billion from FAAC

Ignore APC Propaganda on Alleged N148 Billion from FAAC

04/02/2024- Osunstate.gov.ng

Our attention has been drawn to a fake news circulating in some corners to the effect that the Osun State government has received about One Hundred and Forty Eight Billion Naira from the Federation Account. This is a lie from the pit of hell.

On the verge of mutually assured destruction, Osun APC is in shambles, violently factionalised, deeply fractured and disconnected from vital power sources. That is why the APC is sponsoring fake news even as the party descends deeper into political cul de sac amidst its increasing unpopularity.

We chose to debunk the false reports because we noticed that some respected members of the community are already forming commentaries without ascertaining the truth of the reports. We expected leaders and citizens to seek information if in doubt as this administration is premised on open governance. It is not our expectation that some leaders will rely on jaundiced APC sponsored news to form conclusions on state finance.

For the avoidance of doubt, the monthly allocations from FAAC are publicly available. There was never a time when Osun received 148 billion naira from FAAC. Additionally, the state has a duly approved Appropriation Act which spelt out expected revenues and expenditures. State finance is therefore regulated by budgetary laws and public finance regulations to which this administration strictly adheres.

Aside from information available and provided on a regular basis, citizens are also free to reach out to officials for clarifications where necessary. Osun State also operates a robust Freedom of Information management. We always encourage the public to avail themselves of all information channels including the Freedom of Information Act.

We find it shameful and a great disservice to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu that the state chapter of his party always takes every opportunity to drag the Number One Citizen. It is unfortunate that at a time when the Presidency and the State Governors are putting heads together to support federal efforts to stabilize the naira and curb inflation, the state APC is dancing on the sufferings of Nigerians, mocking federal challenges in the handling of the national economy.

The current economic challenge is a national emergency closely linked with the exchange rate and high inflation rate. Mr President and his team are having sleepless nights to address the dislocations with strong support from the Nigerian Governors Forum. Instead of backing up the Presidency, Osun APC is busy drawing political daggers and guns against themselves over the 2026 guber ticket. They care not about the success of national efforts which all patriots agree transcends politics and partisan commentaries.

We assure the good people of Osun state that Governor Ademola Adeleke is transparently managing the state finances by deploying available resources to workers’ welfare, pensioners care, infrastructure upgrade and expanding the economic base of the state.

From monthly allocations, the administration plans for the quarterly payment of half salaries, pension debt and the wage awards aside regular salary payments and other statutory obligations. Governor Adeleke as a pro-people leader of paying up state debts that his predecessor neglected. Our people should be rest assured that Mr Governor is a leader of due process, rule of law, transparency and good governance with fear of God.

Mallam Olawale Rasheed,
Spokesperson to the State Governor

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