Iremo ward 3 widows are presented with Ramadan care packages.

Iremo ward 3 widows are presented with Ramadan care packages.

“Charity giving to the community is not just a gesture of kindness; it’s a beacon of hope, a spark of compassion that illuminates the path to brighter tomorrows for all.”

At 12 noon today 7th April 2024 also the 27th day Ramadan,Smiles were boldly written on the faces of Ilare zone Widows especially when packages and donations were received by them through Honourable Babalola Kehinde Oluwakemi, the Osun state coordinator for poverty alleviation and humanitarian services.

The event unfolded with a solemn prayer session, where blessings were bestowed upon the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, his administration, and Mr. Seyi Tinubu himself The city boy, for never forgetting people at the grassroots in the community welfare.

The heartfelt gesture extended to widows, who received much-needed provisions amidst showers of gratitude and prayers. Honourable Babalola Kehinde Oluwakemi’s thoughtful consideration of their needs making the widows show their overwhelming appreciation.

With joy and an overwhelming spirit, they got their packages disbursed to the Widows with rains of prayer for all and Honourable Babalola Kehinde Oluwakemi who deemed it essential that they are entitled to such package.

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