His Outburst is Politically Motivated -Dr Akindele



‚óŹ His Outburst is Politically Motivated -Dr Akindele

We find it disturbing the political innuendos and conjectures from a certain Mr Ayodele David Asalu popularly known as “ASLER” on the unfortunate and tragic loss of an illustrious son of Ejigbo, Dr Richard Adelani Idowu “AdeOriOkin”

It’s quite unfortunate that while everyone is still mourning the unfortunate passage of this great personality, some elements have started building political narratives around the incidence in order to score cheap political goals.

It is condescending for Ayo Asalu to make some certain unfounded claims while still trying to present himself as a sympathiser of sort of this current tragic incidence.

The claim by Ayo Asalu that the state hospital in Ejigbo is dysfunctional is unfounded as the deceased was never taken to the said hospital for medical intervention at the time everyone was trying to save him. If Ayo Asalu that claimed he followed up to all the medical facilities where the deceased was taken to in a bid to rescue his life, how did he arrive to the conclusion of a dysfunctional situation of the State hospital when the deceased was never taken there?

Moreso, there are qualified resident doctors in the said hospital. How Ayo Asalu now came to his puerile conclusion is what I find amusing.

While still trying to shed his crocodile tears through his shambolic political lense, he mentioned that 1500 health workers were employed by the previous administration in the state and alleged the current administration in the state had retracted their engagement, I want to say it categorically that, such claim is a blatant lie. If there’s a record of such, he should bring it out.

The health sector may be short-staffed, but that problem was not caused by the current administration in the state. It is the party that ASLER belongs to in the state that had caused such lacuna for Osun while they were in power, and this is what the current administration led by, Governor Ademola Adeleke is correcting.

Asler was at the scene of the incidence, is there anything he knows about the tragic loss of AdeOriOkin beyond what the general public knows? He should speak up because his political maradonic narrative about this issue is quite conflicting and confusing, to say the least.

Moreover as claimed by him, that he followed the process of taking the deceased to several medical centres for his survival, the question is, why didn’t he suggest the wounded victim at the time be taken to government hospital if he was rightly ready to help when he knew, the private medical facilities in the community has no capacity to attend quickly to such grave medical situation and see, if the deceased wouldn’t have been taken care of at the government hospital.

Asler should not politicise the death of an illustrious son of Ejigbo where he comes from and member of a noble party (PDP).

Whatever Mr Ayo Asalu ‘Asler’ is saying or doing now about the incidence is synonymous to dancing on the grave of Dr Richard Adelani Idowu “AdeOriOkin” and time will surely tell as God knows best.

Dr Akindele Adekunle,
Special Adviser on Public Health to the Executive Governor of Osun.
Immediate Past Chairman, Osun PDP.

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