JUST IN: Adire Oodua Sets to Empowers NYSC Members.

JUST IN: Adire Oodua Sets to Empowers NYSC Members.

The Chief Executive Officer of the popular textile company, known as, ADIRE-OODUA Textile Training Hub, Olori Aderonke Ademiluyi-Ogunwusi, on Wednesday, at the NYSC Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development [SAED] @ EDE, OSUN STATE, made a promise to train any corp members, that’s ready to undergo the training of adire making.

In her speech, she laid more emphasis on the importance and uniqueness of the adire. She said, “As an African fashion expert, textile entrepreneur, ambassador of African culture, advocate for girls’ education, and author, all my projects are interconnected, revolving around our heritage and culture. My Africa Fashion Weeks have been running for 13 years, showcasing African narratives through fashion and linking creativity to business. Africa Fashion Week London, founded in 2011, has become a platform that spotlights the talents and aspirations of African designers, celebrating the diversity of African culture.

“The ADIRE-OODUA Textile Hub holds a special place in my heart, considering the uniqueness of Adire fabrics and the craftsmanship involved in their making. Each Adire design is unique, reflecting the artisan’s dedication and skill. Adire is gaining global recognition, no longer limited to the Yoruba or Nigerian markets. This was evident at the recent Africa Fashion Week Brazil Expo and Africa Fashion Week London 2022 Expo, where Adire took the centre stage.

The CEO, who made reference to the impact on how the training of Adire is making, has positive results in the lives of both the women and youths. “Under the chairmanship of the Ooni of Ife, the ADIRE-OODUA Textile Training Hub has impacted the lives of many women and youths. Through Grant’s offered by His Imperial Majesty, we have trained numerous young people in Adire making, enabling them to earn a sustainable living. With the demand for Adire increasing both locally and internationally, learning vocational skills like Adire making is highly advisable. Adire has the potential to be Nigeria’s fabric, similar to how Kente is identified with Ghana. Positioning Adire in this way could create jobs, generate wealth, and boost Nigeria’s GDP significantly.”

Also, in the course of the programme, she lectured them on how not to relent too many office jobs. She went further by saying that what you study in school doesn’t make you successful. She used herself as an example by saying, “While I was in school, I studied law, but look at me right now, I am doing gorgeously fine in the fashion industry.” She said.

To go down a little, in a memory lane, the foremost ADIRE-OODUA Textile Training Hub was established in 2021 by Olori Aderonke Ademiluyi-Ogunwusi Ever since the establishment of this hub, they have collaborated with private and public sectors and universities to organise free training on Adire making. The textile company has trained over 1,200 people.

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