Late Aderemi Sanni: Yeyeluwa Pens Appreciation To Sympathizers


Chief (Mrs) Modupeola Adeleke-Sanni has penned appreciation notes to well wishers and sympathizers after the 41 days Fidau of her late husband, Alhaji Aderemi Sanni.

In her appreciation notes which she signed personally, Mrs Adeleke-Sanni expressed heartfelt gratitude to all sympathizers.

The appreciation notes read as follows:

“On behalf of myself and the families of my late husband, Alhaji Aderemi Sanni, I convey our heartfelt appreciation to friends, families and associates for their steadfast support for me and the family since the exit into eternal glory of our husband, father, brother and associate. We are genuinely overwhelmed by your show of love and attachment which you demonstrated on all grounds.

“Let first thank my immediate family for their pillar of support during these trying times. I expressed heartfelt gratitude to my brothers, Dr Adedeji Adeleke, the Executive Governor of Osun State, Senator Ademola Adeleke and the entire Adeleke dynasty. They rallied round me and helped me to be emotionally stabilized after the painful exit of my hubby.

“I extend the same sense of appreciation to the families of my late husband, our children, grand-children, his associates, friends and alumni associations of former schools. We note your kindness and passionate backing for us. God bless you all.

“To political and business leaders from far and near, we say thank you. To the entire government and people of Osun state, our thankfulness knows no bounds. From state and national lawmakers to members of the Osun State Executive Council, Advisers, board members, our family will not forget you being there for us when we need you most.

“I must particularly commend and appreciate all our royal fathers and Muslim and Christian clerics for your rallying round us. As you were there for the three Fidau prayers for my late hubby, I pray Almighty God will continue to uphold you and your family too.

“As I received condolences in the last 43 days, I am happy to acknowledge that my late husband lived a worthwhile, fulfilled life. His legacy of service to humanity was confirmed by all and sundry. My husband left suddenly to the world beyond but the mass presence and support of sympathizers strengthened our conviction that our father, grandfather, brother and hubby is billed for Al Jannah firdaus.

“We extend our gratitude to all and sundry. We pray Almighty God protect and sustain us and all our well wishers.

“On this note, I say adieu to my husband, Aderemi Sanni. Continue to rest in peace and in the bosom of your Lord. Al Jannah Firdaus Inshallah”

Chief (Mrs) Modupeola Adeleke-Sanni,
Yeyeluwa of Edeland.

For the Family

April 7th, 2024

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