Osogbo LG NYSC Financial Inclusion CDS Group Sensitizes Community on Financial Planning

Osogbo LG NYSC Financial Inclusion CDS Group Sensitizes Community on Financial Planning

In a bid to promote financial literacy and agricultural development, the Osogbo Local Government branch of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has embarked on a sensitization campaign. The campaign, led by the Financial Inclusion Community Development Service (CDS) group, aims to educate the public on the importance of financial planning, budgeting, tax compliance, debt management, and the need for Nigeria to diversify its economy from oil dependency to agricultural productivity.

The group, consisting of NYSC members passionate about financial education and agricultural development, visited the office of the Special Adviser on Agriculture, Osun State Sustainable Development Agency (OSSADEP), and Osun State Agricultural Development and Extension Services Corporation (OSSADEC) to discuss their objectives and seek collaboration in spreading their message.

During the visit, Hon. Olaniran Akanfe Atidade, the Special Adviser on Agriculture, emphasized the critical need for Nigeria to prioritize agricultural development to ensure food security and reduce the country’s reliance on oil revenue. He commended the NYSC group for their initiative and urged them to continue educating the public on the importance of agriculture in national development.

Speaking on behalf of the NYSC group, the coordinator highlighted the significance of financial planning and prudent spending, urging individuals to prioritize their needs over wants. The group emphasized the importance of budgeting, tax compliance, and responsible debt management in achieving financial stability.

The sensitization campaign is part of the NYSC’s commitment to community development and empowering young people with essential life skills. The group plans to extend its outreach to schools, markets, and other public places to reach a wider audience and promote financial inclusion and agricultural development in Osogbo and beyond.

As Nigeria faces challenges such as inflation, unemployment, and economic uncertainty, initiatives like the NYSC Financial Inclusion CDS group play a crucial role in educating the public on sustainable financial practices and encouraging the cultivation of agriculture as a viable alternative to oil dependency.

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