Osun APC Is Lying Machine- Governor Adeleke Did not Take Any Loan…. No N18 Billion Is Spent On Government House Renovation


● No N18 Billion is Spent on Government House Renovation

OSOGBO-19/03/2024- Osunstate.gov.ng

Our attention has been drawn to an interview granted by a chieftain of the All Progress Congress(APC) in which he again repeated his lies about the Osun State Government having taken a loan of Ten Billion Naira to implement current infrastructure programmes across the state.

We equally rejected fake news that the state government spent 18 billion naira on the renovation of the Government House. It is a figment of imagination of failed men of yesterday. Rather than sponsoring falsehood, we urge the APC to accept it failed while it governed Osun state and it should be brave enough to commend the present government for succeeding where it recorded mass failure.

We affirm once again that the current government has not taken any loan since inception to pursue any programme or project. The man who granted the interview on one innocuous youtube channel lied and acted as a purveyor of fake news.

The interview which was full of concoction of unfounded assertions and deliberate falsehood is another example of barefaced misrepresentation embarked upon by the opposition without shame and sense of guilt. This is another open example of cyberbullying among many others for which the opposition operatives should be censored.

Governor Adeleke had told the public clearly and on several occasions that he is not borrowing to pursue the infra projects. Rather, the Governor explained that his administration’s strategy was to block leakages, expand earnings and save for projects by opening a project account dedicated to the financing of the projects.

The project in question is a multi – billion naira expenditure spread over time designed to bridge the huge infra deficit the Governor inherited from the Oyetola administration. Yesterday, today or tomorrow, no loan is contemplated as the Governor has a sustainable investment and implementation plan within the confines of state resources.

Today, Osun APC is in pain because the state is a huge construction site. That positive development on the infra and social investment is an example of committed leadership that is passionate about lifting the state out of under-development. Governor Adeleke is manifesting as a living example of good governance in theory and practice.

Governor Adeleke restated his commitment to implementing the infra projects without loans as a way of drawing investors to Osun and boosting the local economy in line with the administration’s five point agenda. He also emphasized his insistence on due process, transparency and accountability in the governance process.

Mallam Olawale Rasheed ,
Spokesperson to the State Governor.

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