Osun Judiciary fully participated in 2024 budget appropriation process

Osun Judiciary fully participated in 2024 budget appropriation process.

The embattled Osun APC factional Chairman, Sooko Tajudeen is being mischievous and ignorant thereby misleading Ebun Adegboruwa who should naturally know better.

I wish to set the record straight that the Osun State High Court of Justice led by the Ag. Chief Registrar, Customary Court of Appeal Registrar and Judicial Service Commission Secretary all appeared on the floor of the House for their 2024 budget defence on the 30th of November 2023.

It is however fallacious to insinuate that the Osun Judiciary is not carried along in the 2024 budget appropriation process approved by the House of Assembly.

This incident is another indication of the Osun APC avarice to fact and deliberate misinformation campaign about the state. Osun people should be wary of anything that comes from the party as it seems to have adopted lies as the only way to engage the Adeleke administration. This is truly unfortunate but we must accept the fact that it has nothing meaningful to contribute to the state hence, lies as a tool to mislead the public on important issues as we have seen with the Judiciary crisis.

The crux of the judicial workers angst is abuse of power and question of fund by the judicial leadership and it will be nothing but mischievous to blame Governor Adeleke for it.

If Sooko Tajudeen and Adegboruwa are sincere about the issues on the ground, they would recognize the efforts of Governor Adeleke in addressing some of the grievances of JUSUN, which include payment of withheld salaries of members and meeting officials in state and national bodies.


Olamide Tiamiyu.

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