Osun PDP Says It Stands By Chairman’s Quest To Instill Discipline, Ward Off Intruders

Osun PDP Says It Stands By Chairman’s Quest To Instill Discipline, Ward Off Intruders

The ruling Peoples Democratic Party in Osun State has expressed absolute confidence in it’s chairman, Hon Sunday Bisi over his avowed determination to maintain discipline in the rank and file of the party, asking those plotting to infiltrate the party in order to destabilize it to look elsewhere to ply their trade of mischief.

The party affirmed confidence in it’s chairman, Hon Sunday Bisi in his efforts at maintaining party rules of engagement,no matter whose ox is gored.

A statement signed by the PDP Director of Media, Oladele Bamiji HOB, on Tuesday appealed to members of the public to be alive to witchcraftery of mischief makers, who are badly hurt for finding the ruling party impenetrable for their evil machinations.

The party commended all discerning minds in the state, who saw through the sincerity of purpose of Hon Sunday Bisi, in his usual frank element as chairman of the ruling party, warding off induced undertakers, who are obviously peeping through all possible holes to inject venom of discord in the party, basically to pave way for their collaborators, languishing in the oven of their rejection by the good people of Osun State.

‘In the first instance, Hon Sunday Bisi has interest of his party to protect as chairman. So, if he’s not dancing to whims of enemies of the party, they should live with it and stop crying us a river “

“Nigeria’s will not forget in a hurry how the immediate past APC national chairman, Abdulahi Adamu instructed stakeholders of his party, live on camera, to go to Osun State and win the 2022 governorship election at whatever cost. All APC would tell the world was that the chairman has a right to protect his party interest. How then on earth it becomes a crime for Hon Sunday Bisi to protect the interest of the party in Osun State?

“PDP is a creation of laws of the land and discipline.The chairman is not out of order in his stance to mobilize against any external aggression. As a matter of fact, he would have failed in his mandate as chairman of the party, if he had sat and watch the ‘never do wells’ infiltrate the party he leads, destroy it and jump at the opportunity to dislodge from office, the performing Governor of the state, His Excellency Senator Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke”

Anybody can create any political butterfly in his belly as it suits their fancy, but it is within the mandate of the chairman of our great party in the state to sensitize and mobilize his members against plots considered inimical to the wellbeing of the party.

“Hon Sunday Bisi is a peace loving party stalwart, but he is not a trader of collective destiny of people. He is frank, upright and straightforward in his records as a politician and certainly will not hold back on such attributes that endeared him to members of the party who gave him the leadership mandate”, Bamiji emphasized.

Oladele Bamiji HOB
SSA To Osun State Governor On Media/ Osun PDP Media Director.

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