Osun PDP to APC: Gov Adeleke Is Focussed and Delivering, Not Dissuaded By Your Ranting

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Osun PDP to APC: Gov Adeleke Is Focussed and Delivering, Not Dissuaded By Your Ranting

The Osun State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has dismissed the latest in the thoughtless series of criticism of the Ademola Adeleke government by the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state as a fallacy of indolent minds swimming in the ocean of their confusion, saying no amount of false narrative will distract Governor Adeleke from ongoing efforts to salvage Osun state from the abyss of ruins that the APC led it to.

The PDP through a statement issued on Thursday, said contrary to the calculative plot of the APC to misrepresent position of things in the state, the reality of things clearly showed the Adeleke administration has in the one year reversed the ugly outlook of the state that the erstwhile ruling party bad governance triggered.

The party noted with disgust the relentless campaign of balderdash of APC as it daily struggle with the reality of Governor Adeleke fixing its mess and making the hitherto impossible a possibility, warning that Osun people will not be baited into returning to the horrible past that the main opposition represents.

“Governor Ademola Adeleke is focused and delivering for the people. Only those who are hunted by the ghost of their past failures will deny the noticeable accomplishments of the Governor in just one year in office,” the statement noted.

“If the APC is pretending that nothing is happening so far, what about the half salary debt it incurred that Governor Adeleke is paying? Had the APC in Osun State lived with some modicum of meaning of shame, it wouldn’t have dared to criticize Governor Adeleke that is fixing its mess and bringing smiles to the faces of the people.”

The PDP dismissed as untrue the claim by the APC that Governor Adeleke appointed over 300 Special Assistants and Senior Special Assistants, lashing at the APC for mistaking it (PDP) for the recklessness that characterized its time in government, which pushed the state in its current distressing financial situation.

“So far, the Adeleke administration has shown financial discipline and sincere commitment to the governance of the people. This is why Governor Adeleke is paying half salary that the immediate administration found impossible to pay; increased amount of money that goes to pension payment by 100%; building critical infrastructures among others,” the PDP pointed out.

“It can only exist in the figment of the imagination of Osun APC shameless irritants that Governor Adeleke appointed over 300 SAs and SSAs. The mistake they must have made was to think the PDP administration is reckless like them, which explains why they plunged Osun state into financial quagmire, treating workers and pensioners welfare with disdain, and putting the future into uncertainty because by merely sharing and looting not just our common patrimony but also borrowed the future away.”

The PDP maintains the resolve of Governor Adeleke to turn things around and place Osun on the path of progress, pointing that the Adeleke administration achievements in one year tow higher than what Gboyega Oyetola achieved in four years.

“In one year, Governor Adeleke achieved a lot that outclassed whatever Oyetola achieved in four years. While Oyetola found it difficult to pay any month out of the 30 months half salary owed by a government he was an active partaker, Governor Adeleke has paid four months. Roads totalling over 90km across the 9 federal constituencies have been delivered or at an advanced stage of completion. One school in each of the 31 local governments and area office was completely refurbished and equipped, while over 50 thousands people in Osun have enjoyed free medical intervention through the Imole Surgical and Medical Outreach, just ti mention a few,” it said.

“Governor Adeleke achievements and interventions are visible and not deceptive (audio) like the greek promotion given to workers by Oyetola in 2019 but never deemed it fit to implement the financial implication while his tenure lasted. It is this same Governor Adeleke that cash-backed the financial implication of the promotion.”

The PDP admonished the deeply factionalized Osun APC to wake up to the reality of the state taking a shape for the better as a result of genuine and pragmatic leadership that Governor Adeleke is offering, noting that Osun will not return to the dark past when civil servants and pensioners frequent the streets in fight for survival and when resources that accrued to the state were frittered by privileged few to Lagos and other places.

“The candid truth is that Osun fared terribly under the APC, and we need to constantly sound this plain fact to the ears of those who nearly milked the state to death but now posing as saviours on the spectators sidelines. At the moment, Osun uses more than 30% of gross FAAC allocation to service debt every month and may do so for as much as 40 years or more. Tens of billions are owed to pensioners while there is still 26 months of half salary debts to clear. We are in this mess due to the APC’s heartlessness in government and unsavory maladministration and so, Osun people cannot forget in a hurry, no matter the kneejerking of the immediate past oppressors”

Hon. Sunday Bisi,
The Chairman, Osun PDP

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