PDP Is Ever Strong, No Vacancy At Abere In 2026- Osun PDP Mocks Opposition APC

PDP Is Ever Strong, No Vacancy At Abere In 2026- Osun PDP Mocks Opposition APC

OSOGBO – 04/05/24 osunpdp.com

The ruling Peoples Democratic Party has told the opposition APC to face the realities of its extinction in the state instead of insistently manufacturing butterflies in its rotten belly of political scorpions.

The ruling party once again laughed at the APC over its desperation and pettiness with its recent statement attacking the PDP government and Governor Adeleke, especially after the colorful ‘Ipade Imole’ held at Ilesa, saying, the futile attempts to discredit the import of the stewardship program only exposed the dangling Apc the more, as hopeless and helpless.

While we pray that the APC continues to delude itself with phantom decamping to its fold, contrary to their baseless claims, the PDP in Osun State today, is stronger and more united than ever. It is however not in our way to go to market marketplace to lay claims of harvesting some errand boy politicians out of desperation to prove strength.

The APC’s claim that Mr. Dotun Babayemi is decamping from the PDP to their party is a blatant falsehood by the drowning APC, trying to hold on to any straw, no matter how worthless.

Mr. Babayemi, to avoid doubt by unsuspecting members of the public, has ceased to be a member of the PDP since 2022, when he attempted to undermine the democratic process and the will of the Osun people through the courts.

His departure since the time of his expulsion from our party is inconsequential, as the PDP remains strong and united in its mission to provide good governance and deliver on our promises to the people of Osun.

The management of our great party under the then chairmanship of Dr Akindele Adekunle in 2022, had seen through the destructive mission of Dotun and his co fraudsters and as practical politicians with a focus on the assignment on our hands, the political vagabond had since been excused from our books. The records are there.

The opposition deserves our pity because celebrating a rogue defection, obviously from APC errand room to image laundering class is a reflection of their current emptiness, They are attempting to repaint a broken and grounded machine, hoping to convince the people of Osun that it is functional.

It is absurd for instance, to think that a loyal PDP member would ever conspire with the opposition to nullify the popular vote of the people. This latest episode only highlights the APC’s lack of substance, who only enjoyed some years of Osun people’s long rope of probation. They failed and the people kicked them out government house in the state. We shall see them no more!

The PDP government and Governor Ademola Adeleke are focused on delivering on our promises to the people of Osun. We will not be distracted by the futile attempts of the APC to discredit our efforts. We urge the great people of Osun State to shun opposition desperate divings too and stay focused on the lane to rejiggering the state for an assured future.

The Governor will continue to be accountable to the people of Osun State and will never be distracted if that is the plan of the opposition.

They should as a matter of fact, be prepared because before the next Ipade Imole, His Excellency, Governor Ademola Adeleke would have launched more phases of the infra plan that is aching their veins.

The Flyover project in Ile-Ife would have been inaugurated just like the dualization of Ereja Square-Brewery- Akure Express Junction was inaugurated in Ilesa.

Workers must have received more tranches of modulated salaries the APC refused to pay just as the workers just got credited with other months of salary arrears the immediate past administration of ousted Mr. Gboyega Oyetola spent the whole of his acrimonious time denied and neglected. More pensioners must have received their entitlements and must have been enrolled in the Free Healthcare Scheme provided for them by Governor Ademola Adeleke.

Other developmental initiatives must have taken effect too and the Governor’s media team will continue to showcase these strides without hesitation.

If APC ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ gangsters are not comfortable with that, they will have to relocate away from the state or help themselves with some poisonous substances to permanently cure their pains.

Hon Sunday Bisi
Osun State PDP Chairman

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