Stop Patronizing The Oracle Giving You Comeback Impression, It Is Deceitful – Osun PDP Counsels APC.

Stop Patronizing The Oracle Giving You Comeback Impression, It Is Deceitful – Osun PDP Counsels APC.


The ruling Peoples Democratic Party in Osun State has once again told the opposition APC to look elsewhere for gainful ventures and stop the futile dream of coming back to govern Osun state with a view to further destroy the state in its usual unproductive manners and criminal antecedent.

The PDP described the tour purportedly embarked upon by the deeply factionalized opposition APC as new year comedy show, asking the factional chairman, Tajudeen Lawal, to stop deceiving his bankrollers with false narratives or hope of reclaiming the state from the hands of a well-structured, people friendly PDP government, ed by His Excellency, Senator Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke.

The ruling party in a statement by its media office and signed by the state chairman, Hon Sunday Bisi particularly mocked Osun APC to stop its habitual patronage of voodoo centres, obviously confusing the opposition’s political horizons with deceptive fogs.

Osun State today, according to Hon Sunday Bisi, has moved beyond APC, which is populated by ardent scammers and arrogant thieves. The sole aim of venturing into politics was to milk common patrimony of the electorate into stupor, without any sense of dignity or honour.

Osun PDP Chairman advised Mr Tajudeen Lawal to impress it upon Gboyega Oyetola led faction of his party, to first ensure a tearful public apology over the wanton looting of the state treasury, wicked disdain against fathers and mothers of the state who are pensioners, refusal to offset backlog of workers salaries who are central nucleus of the state economy, willful abandonment of infrastructural projects he inherited from his former boss in which Osun people were used as collateral in more than half a trillion naira borrowing spree for their execution but without any headway.

“Taju Lawal will have to do more than some voodoo tours to bring Osun State back to Golgotha of APC”

“The factional surrogate coordinator of the motley faction of the defeated former governor Gboyega Oyetola will have to do a lot more to convince the state demography of elders, whose lives have effectively been insured through the lifelong Health Insurance package by Governor Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke”

“The chronic idle infected APC will have to rely more than the usual fraudulent intents, to defeat Governor Ademola Adeleke, who has rescued over 55,000 inhabitants of the state from the claws of death with the strategic Imole Healthcare scheme in which various life-saving interventions have been effected.

“The civil servants whose purchasing power has now been upgraded with payments of backlog of their wages disdainfully neglected by the pharaoh-like APC administration of Mr Gboyega Oyetola perhaps will have to be forced back into oath of abject poverty before Taju Lawal and Tours could get them onboard APC narrative of comeback”

“Sincerely, I pity Mr Lawal, the factional chairman of APC. I sympathize with him with the difficult task willed over to him after those who sent him on the current errand failed woefully to build a solid grassroot structure for the APC in all the years they fraudulently enjoyed as ruling party”

“My advice for Lawal however, is to avoid burning himself away in attempts to resurrect a dead horse. APC has gone before the rapture and such death is permanent”

“Lawal himself knows that it is over forever for APC in Osun State, hence, his inability to showcase to the public, his purported tour of the state. A popular political party will not even have control in showcasing such tour as inspired party members and members of the public alike, would do the publicity Pro Bono. This is lacking in the said APC tour, indicating its classlessness, acrimony and unpleasantness”

Hon Sunday Bisi in the statement expressed appreciation to the people of Osun State for their growing confidence in the administration of Senator Ademola Adeleke, assuring that, the Governor will continue to bring dividends of democracy to their doorsteps. This Hon Sunday Bisi noted, will bring to rest permanently, unholy plans of those he described as encyclopedias of looting, poverty and pain, whose mission was aborted and will be buried again at the polls by the good people of Osun State, Osun PDP Chairman concluded.

Hon Sunday Bisi
Osun State PDP Chairman

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