Tell your members to return government vehicles, PDP fires back at APC


OSOGBO – 20/01/2024 –

Osun state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has slammed the All Progressive Congress (APC) for supporting its members who illegally charted away government vehicles and plunged the state into another round of multi-billion naira expenditure for car purchase.

We are shocked at the shameless release from the state APC and depth of immorality displayed by the opposition. Your child stole an item and instead of scolding your son, you are canvassing that the owner should forget the matter.

Your members “stole” government vehicles and the state is asking them to return it. You are reprehensibly justifying daylight robbery. In saner clime, those who issued that press statement should be arraigned in court as accomplice in robbery crime.

A group of former state officials claimed and confirmed that they went away with government vehicles. Yet, a discredited political party cannot summon a meeting and order them to return such properties. Rather, party leaders are audaciously trying to spin theft in a political chess game.

What has happened to the moral compass of Sooko Tajudeen Lawal and his cohorts? Why will a party chairman be defending “thieves” who for more than a year refused to return government vehicles they took away illegally?

The flagrant display of immoral audaciousness by Tajudeen Lawal and Kolawole Olabisi stinks to high heaven and confirms the correctness of popular vote which ousted these political marauders from office. Or how can a public official steal, get caught and still brashingly dare owners of properties?

These officials claimed there was a law that protected them. When the law was checked and revealed to the public, there was no cover,no clause that allowed such illegality.

At another time, they claimed the former Governor simply dashed them the cars. In law ,the former Governor as a public official, has no power to dash government properties to anybody. No law empowered him to do so. Hence, those with the cars are beneficiaries of an illegal act.

As of today, the state government is still struggling to buy cars for cabinet members because those official vehicles were illegally taken away by commissioners and special advisers under former Governor Oyetola. Worst still, these same APC without a sense of shame will have the scruple to advocate against government spending on purchase of cars. What a height of deceit and dishonesty!!!

The government of the day therefore has the duty to recover all stolen and diverted government properties. This is not about politics or political witch hunts. It is purely about law enforcement.

As indicated in the White Paper, the Taskforce will issue its modus operandi and will follow due process in the recovery process. The Taskforce will issue due notice and will follow up the notice will enforcement.

As a party , the PDP called on former officials of the state government to return government vehicles in their possession. The longer the vehicles stay with them, the more they incur reputation damage and public wrath because there is no law in Osun state that protects those who stole government properties.


Bamiji Oladele HOB
Director of Media,
Osun State PDP

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