Yuletide: Dr Akindele commends Governor Adeleke on Road Repairs

Yuletide: Dr Akindele commends Governor Adeleke on Road Repairs Across the State

In the mood of the festive period, Dr Akindele Adekunle has commended Governor Ademola Adeleke for his compassionate governance model with the attention giving to critical road repairs across the state.

The Chairman Special Adviser’s Forum in the state specifically commend the Governor for his intervention on the Gbongan – Akoda road. According to him, the repairs going on the road will ease the stress of commuters on the road this festive season.

“I commend our Governor on the road repairs between Akoda and Gbongan. The intervention on the road, especially this yuletide season when a lot of people are coming home, is quite applaudable. This intervention will greatly reduce accident occurrences on that route.

” Not minding the fact that it is a Federal Government road, Governor Adeleke has decided to give attention to the road for easy accessibility for road users passing through the route. This shows the safety and well-being of our people is paramount in his mind, an applaudable compassionate governance model being advanced by him in the state,” Dr Akindele reiterated.

The Special Adviser on Public Health thereafter urge the people to continue to support the government in the state as they’re doing their best to make life easy for the people of the state.

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