Osun APC and its Looming Unreconcilible Ticket Fight

Osun APC and its Looming Unreconcilible Ticket Fight

By Great Oluwaseun

The major opposition party in Osun State, All Progressive Congress (APC) may have experienced a major setback in their pursuit to reach a consensus on who represents the party in the 2026 gubernatorial election. After the state sensitization tour carried out by Sooko Tajudeen Lawal-led Working Committee, the true report of this tour reflects a more serious crisis which could tear the Ilerioluwa faction into 2 more factions in the party as many of Oyetola’s loyalists have withdrawn their support for him.

The recent remarks from Lawal about the sensitization tour show that he is not ready to learn from his predecessor’s (Famodun) mistake. Rather than telling Oyetola the truth, Lawal is determined to push Oyetola into more political pits with his advice. Ilerioluwa’s factional reconciliation tour shows that things are not even fine with Oyetola and it could result in a more serious crisis than the TOP’s own. One of the factions is also from Aregbesola’s Senatorial District, which shows that the APC might have no relevance in that axis in the coming election if Lawal does not embrace the reality.

The fight for the 2026 APC gubernatorial ticket in APC took another turn from Oyetola, and Adeoti struggled with other bigwigs coming into the picture. The looming APC crisis is threatening to be more serious than the TOP/Ilerioluwa faction conflict.

As of today, 4 candidates, the Honourable Minister of Marine and Blue Economy who happened to be the last holder of the ticket, Mr Gboyega Oyetola; The National Secretary of APC, Senator Ajibola Basiru; A former deputy governor, Senator Iyiola Omisore and lastly the SSG to Aregbesola’s government, Mr Moshood Adeoti are known to have started advancement to clinch the party ticket in the 2026 governorship election. With 3 out of the 4 names from the Ilerioluwa faction and only Adeoti from the TOP faction.

Omisore this time is not ready to let his chance slip away, knowing fully well that 2026 is his last chance to become the governor of Osun State. He is determined to strike when the time comes as he is currently focused on showing loyalty to Asiwaju and his Lagos people.

The recent interest of Basiru and Omisore in the ticket is the main reason why Oyetola has suddenly become the lover of his party and has made him the new bride in the sight of the State Working Committee. However, things might have gone beyond what he could manage on his own. Speaking anonymously, an ally close to Oyetola said “Oyetola that seen the odds of things going against him and he has been running from his Senatorial kinsman, Basiru, who is also interested in the ticket to form an alliance, having seen that it’s only Central that has 2 interested aspirants while West and East has 1 each. To him holding meetings with some factions of LG chairmen to revalidate their position to his side.

When asked about Basiru’s position in clinching the ticket, one of his aides(who prefers to stay anonymous) said, “Alubarika la fe ni l’osun.” Another close ally of Basiru disclosed that “among the 4 aspirants, Basiru is the youngest amongst them, and he still has chances to contest about 3-5 more elections so I will advise him if he consults me to leave the race and stay focused on his National assignment 2030 will be very strong for Osogbo Agenda to fly.”

On the other hand, the party members from the East Senatorial District are very disappointed and surprised about the unfair treatment they have received from APC, Oyetola, and Lawal. One of them said, “Oyetola is such an ingrate. He knows how to run to us when he needed votes for his inconclusive election, but now he has neglected us and even taken away the only thing (National Secretary)we have and gave it to his Campaign Chairman, Basiru.” Femi, another grieving member, stated that “all the appointments that Oyetola brings to Osun, he never thought to give anyone to someone from the East. Oyetola can only enter his house. He can’t even defeat me in an election.”

Speaking to one of Omisore’s close followers, Moji(not her real name, she said, “Oyetola’s heart of betrayal is second to none. There was an arrangement in Abuja that Otunba Iyiola Omisore would be compensated with the gubernatorial ticket if he resigned the National Secretary without issue, but we are surprised that this same man has started advocating for his 2nd term as the governor, it’s still a rumour and hope it stays as that. He should focus on his new assignment, Omisore is too relevant in politics for him to want to sacrifice his long-term ambition for a serial betrayal like Oyetola.”

While talking, another person added “With the zoning of appointments, Osun East is the only district feeling cheated in the party and should be compensated with the ticket and it’s Omisore that we want not any other person. 2026 is Otunba’s last chance to achieve his dream, and we can’t allow anyone or anything to jettison his ambition. The Distinguished (SRJ) can wait till 2030, we, his followers, will not accept such.”

Going by the countenance of the people from the East, they are hellbent on the next party candidate to come from their side. Looking at the unfair fate that Aregbesola suffered at the hands of Oyetola and his advisers. And fears that Omisore, who is another politician from that axis, might suffer the same fate.

While carrying out our findings about this looming crisis, all efforts to know the true position of Omisore and Basiru’s position on the matter were diplomatically avoided as one of them’s contact persons said “It will be difficult to tell you my Oga’s position but I can tell you my boss is busy with the party assignment given to him and strongly believes there is time for him to contest so let the old people be given their last chance so by 2030 the ticket will be easy for SRJ to get.”

Omisore’s contact person said, “Otunba is just waiting to unleash his strategy within the party. He believes only a fool will start politicking now. 2025/early 2026 is when the true calculation begins.”

On these accounts, the force of the looming APC crisis is coming from the East Senatorial District with another person, Omisore, championing this new one. It has started like a cold war between Oyetola and Omisore as both of them have not been seen together lately. It can be said that the crisis in Osun APC is far from ending, and the looming crisis is looking more serious and could further create factions out of the Ilerioluwa faction which might eventually kill the party in the state.

From a survey done for APC members, about 85% of them prefer Basiru or Omisore, while only 15% want Oyetola. They all disregard the candidacy of Adeoti, claiming he is no longer a member of their party. So Lawal’s claim about their readiness to take power is nothing but a fallacy as the party primary could send the party into forever extinction.

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