Oyetola’s naked dance in marketplace By Adetefa Adeolu


By Adetefa Adeolu

In the last 24 hours, a shameless Mr Oyetola has been junketing around Osun, walking on his record of bad governance and poking his leprous fingers in the eyes of the government of the day. A failed Governor whose legacy is that of wicked maladministration just messed up a SMEDAN programme by politicizing an SME event.

Oyetola invited his factional members to attend SMEDAN and insisted that only APC members should be allowed into the venue. He instructed SMEDAN against best practice to insist on likely beneficiaries showing their APC membership card before being enrolled in the SME programme.

Oyetola was reported to have fought the Minister of Trade and Investment who disagreed with the former Governor over the politicization of the SMEDAN event. Reports confirm that the Trade Minister even threatened to report the Osun former Governor to the Chief of Staff , Femi Gbajabiamila.

The SMEDAN Director General was also said to be unhappy about the politicization of the event. He was reported to have resisted Oyetola’s insistence that participants should show their APC cards, calling it unnecessary as Mr President directed that all Nigerians should benefit irrespective of party affiliations. He was blackmailed to succumb to the desecration of a well planned programme.

Why is Oyetola desperate to disrupt the well intentioned programme of President Tinubu? Why is the Marine minister embarrassing Mr President all the time?

First he performed woefully as a Governor, making many to mock the President for supporting a dead horse.

Secondly, he has failed as a minister as the sector remain.moribund without any sign of rejuvenation. In his ministry in Abuja, staffers are already grumbling about the ineffective style and anachronistic approach of Oyetola to management of the Ministry.

Why is Oyetola dancing naked in the marketplace?

For four years , he neglected most schools in Osun. The mega schools were left to rot away. He bastardized the public school system out of vengeance and mediocrity.

Because of his angling for a party ticket, he yesterday remembered his alma mata and chose to visit the school. The questions are as follows: why did Oyetola abandon the school for four years as a Governor? Can he allow such to happen under his wicked governance? Can he still remember how he barred Aregbesola from Osun during his reign of terror?

Kudos to the current government for showing liberality and maturity. I don’t like Ademola Adeleke but I commend his approach , his civility and democratic mind.

If it were to be some other leaders, by now, the school principal would have been queried. In reality, the visitation would have been aborted because an Oyetola as a Governor would not grant the permission.

Why is Oyetola behaving out of normal?

Many reasons. First, the Dancing Governor at Abere has broken all records, shining where the Iragbiji man failed.

Two, his comeback bid is facing resistance. Ajibola Bashiru is digging deep against him.

Three, Senator Iyiola Omisore is hiding his dagger ready to stab the minister in the.back at the right time.

Four, the Aregbesola camp is strengthening their presence despite attacks.

Five, Oyetola is still badly hunted by missed opportunities when he served as a Governor.

Lastly, he is lost in the sea where he was posted to. The ministry is moribund.

Unfortunately, dancing naked in the marketplace worsens the minister’s plight. He may be one of the few to be sacked as minister in due course.

●Adeyefa Adeolu writes from Ilobu

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