Stop Using Adagunodo’s For Your Political Adultery – Adagunodo Friends and Core Follows Issue Stern Warmings to Dotun Babayemi And His Supporters

STOP USING ADAGUNODO’S NAME FOR YOUR POLITICAL ADULTERY – Adagunodo Friends and Core Followers issue stern warnings to Dotun Babayemi and his supporters…

The incessant wanton attempts by Omo-Oba Dotun Babayemi and his followers to make good their fraudulent attempts to use the name of the late National Vice Chairman of PDP in the South West, Hon. Olasoji Adagunodo to propagate their failed ambition to convince their new masters in APC of Babayemi’s imaginary popularity in Osun has been rebuffed by numerous Adagunodo’s friends and known core followers.

The continued dragging of the name of the late PDP National leader has rekindled the anger of the late politician’s Friends and Core Followers which led them to issuing a stern warning to the Gbongan-born politician to stop using their late friend and leader’s name for whatever political trajectory Babayemi intends to embark upon.

The friends of Adagunodo also said they called Babayemi not too long ago to warn some of his irritant supporters to stop mentioning the name of their trusted person for any political manipulative tendencies.

In a tersely drafted message personally signed by one of the childhood friends of Hon. Olasoji Adagunodo, Alhaji Muniru Abiodun Ogundipe, which was made available to the press, the friends and core followers said they have on two different occasions placed personal calls to Omo-Oba Dotun Babayemi and his boys in a conference to stop tagging Hon. Adagunodo unnecessarily with his APC, agenda, this, Alhaji Muniru confirmed happened when one of the Dotun Babayemi’s social media boys granted an unauthorized interview by those who are true confidants of Adagunodo, where the media boy insinuated that Hon. Adagunodo would have led them to APC.

The friends of Adagunodo however, expressed shock when people started calling their attention to another facebook message from another disgruntled element where a condolence register was purportedly opened for people to condole with Babayemi and his group for someone who died a year ago.

The friends of Adagunodo therefore said they have decided to issue this last warning to Omooba Dotun Babayemi and his associates to desist from making unnecessary jests of the Adagunodo’s by forcing them to remember their saddest moments of grief.

The friends and core followers of Adagunodo therefore urged those who are hell bent on blackmailing their friend and leader by painting him in bad light from the public view to refrain from using his name wrongly for political gains or face legal action which may arise from re-echoing of their sad moments with a threat that they may be “arraigned in an appropriate for cyber bullying their emotions and feelings.

The friends,core followers and associates have also observed with great concern, why and how a few individuals, led by Omooba Dotun Babayemi, are recalcitrant in their desperate attempts to tarnish the image of the late PDP NVC with intent to perpetrate their heinous crimes of dragging his reputation, even in death, to make him look like a mole to his colleagues in a political party he loved and cherished till he breathed his last on earth despite that they all knew that he died and was buried as PDP National Vice Chairman and also as a NEC member of that great party.

Alhaji Ogundipe added that Babayemi and his agents of disrespect for the dead should take the cognizance of the last public interview granted by Hon. Olasoji Adagunodo on Rave FM on April 25, 2023 before his demise where he publicly informed those who truly loved him to go back to their various wards, join the party and be part of the government under the Executive Governor, Senator Ademola Nurudeen Jackson Adeleke whom he promised to meet and straighten things before God called him to glory.

“For anybody who truly loved Olasoji Adagunodo and believed in his course while alive, it is pertinent to dwell on the doctrines and political ideology of the responsible politician as a mark of respect for him and not for some irritant political jobbers to be dragging his name into a political party like APC that he hated so much throughout his life.

Alhaji Muniru Ogundipe said, Late Hon. Olasoji Adagunodo had expressed his mind on the radio program what he cherished most and which is unity and cooperation to work together with the Executive Governor of Osun State, Senator Ademola Nurudeen Jackson Adeleke whom he said is a genuine lover of Osun state and her people.

He added, “whoever truly loved Soji Adagunodo should go along with him on his political beliefs and ideology which he lived with till death closed his eyes.”

Alhaji Ogundipe added that “It is essential for all parties involved to respect the legacy and memory of the late leader,” warning them “to refrain from engaging in activities that may dishonour his name he built for himself for decades

Finally, Alhaji Ogundipe added that all true leaders and followers of Adagunodo have shown him enough respect by abiding with the political views of this great man, insisting that “if the likes of Alhaji Shuaib Afolabi Oyedokun; Alhaji Fatai Akinbade; H.E. Olagunsoye Oyinlola, H.E. Erelu Olusola Obada, CON, (Mama Soji); H.E. Governor Abiodun Seyi Makinde; Prof Wale Oladipo; Alhaji Tajudeen Oladipo; Dr. Oluwole Alabi (Baba Soji); and a host of other notable leaders, too numerous to mention, could align with Senator Ademola Adeleke for the development of the government and good people of Osun State, that is where the Adagunodo true friends and core followers also abide,” he concluded.


Alhaji Muniru Abiodun Ogundipe,
For Adagunodo Friends and Core Followers.

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