Osun State not on Autopilot, Coalition of Civil Society Organizations chides Bashir Ajibola

Osun State not on Autopilot, Coalition of Civil Society Organizations chides Bashir Ajibola

In a scathing rebuke aimed at the National Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr. Bashir Ajibola, the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations for Good Governance has condemned his recent remarks suggesting that governance in Osun State is on autopilot.

The coalition’s statement, issued and signed by Comrade Olalekan Johnson, accused Senator Bashir Ajibola, of attempting to undermine the democratically elected administration of Governor Ademola Adeleke in Osun State. It suggests that Ajibola’s comments stem from his failure to overcome the trauma of his significant defeat in the last senatorial election in Osun State.

The statement warns Ajibola to cease his mischievous attempts at causing political instability in Osun State, emphasizing that Governor Ademola Adeleke enjoys widespread support and goodwill from the people of the state.

Furthermore, the coalition calls upon President Bola Tinubu and the National leadership of the APC to intervene and rein in Mr. Bashir Ajibola. They urge them to compel Ajibola to respect properly constituted authority, particularly the incumbent administration in Osun State, which they claim is delivering the dividends of democracy to the people in an unprecedented manner.

The coalition said its stance underscores a growing concern over the potential ramifications of divisive rhetoric on the stability and progress of Osun State, urging all stakeholders to prioritize unity and constructive criticism for the betterment of the state and its citizens. The group urged the people of Osun state, to sustain their massive support, for the administration of Governor Ademola Adeleke, in order to ensure that more progress is achieved by the Adeleke administration.

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