Abaluje” can not be “Atunluto”, says Adeleke General Summit

“Abaluje” can not be “Atunluto”, says Adeleke General Summit

The Adeleke General Summit has said that the gathering of those who destroyed the institutions and economy of Osun under the disguise of “Atunto Osun” is nothing but a charade, gathering of serial losers.

It is evident that Atunto Osun is another faction of the APC and failed politicians, the crowd they claim to have there are rented and imported because we have video clips of them entering Osun in 150 buses from Ibadan through Iwo.

We like to make it clear that just like the popular Yoruba adage that says “abaluje o le di atunluto”, they ignorantly and foolishly brought Osun on its knees while they were in government before God sent Governor Ademola Adeleke to raise it up.

It is a complete act of irresponsibility and joblessness and we are confident that the people of Osun State are not as gullible as the creator “Atunto Osun” and will not fall for their dance drama.

While it is important to note that the Osun they left for Governor Adeleke is not the same Osun of today as Imole is putting a smile on the face of the people.

We know they are jittery because of the multibillion naira Osun infrastructure plan of the PDP administration, thats why they have decided to organize a tea party in the name of a rally and bring together people that were dislodged from government.

Thier government left with N407bn debt, left N75billion debt in salaries and pensions, yet Governor Adeleke within one year has started paying back the backlog of salary arrears owed by their government.

Our government had reconstructed 90 km of road network with another 45 km ongoing 31 schools were rehabilitated, with another 31 in the pipeline, 323 borehole projects and four water schemes under rehabilitation.

The Imole Medical Outreach of the Ademola Adeleke administration had carried out immediate surgeries with over 50,000 beneficiaries so far, with 45 health centres being rehabilitated.

These and many more are the things our government has done in Osun, there is no “atunto” needed in Osun, the people of Osun State are wiser now because Imole is shining on them.

Hon. Oladiti Aluko
State Coordinator

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