APC, stop crying wolf where there’s none




The present administration in Osun state under the leadership of H.E.Senator ( Dr) Ademola Adeleke has observed that in recent times, as if just waking up from slumber, the opposition party APC in the state are fixated with desperate quest to continue to cause unnecessary tension and bad blood in the state.

While not miffed by their actions and inactions
in unnecessarily whipping up all kinds of sentiments
mischievously aimed at nothing but bringing the already soaring reputation and acceptability of the Ademola Adeleke down, the need to carry out all the reforms that are of course distasteful to the opposition party APC will not be mortgaged .

While the present administration will also not in anyway be cowed into not carrying out its people oriented programmes, policies and activities, it is imperative on our part as a government to continue to set the record straight so that the minds of the teeming supporters and lovers of the shining light of Osun state will not be corrupted and misguided by the daily sinking ship of members of the opposition APC.

While we are not perfect thereby welcoming constructive criticism from any quarter, it is inconceivable to note that since the release of the government white paper especially on obaship debacles in Iree, Igbajo and Ikirun, confusion bothering on a sense of guilt has set in the opposition camp.
It must be emphasized that were it not because of the haphazardness and lopsidedness associated with the way their sponsor and former governor of Osun state, now Minister of Marine and Blue Economy, Mr Adegboyega Oyetola went about by not following due process in the selection and subsequent appointment of the Obas, there wouldn’t have been such attendant skirmishes and bad blood as it were that greeted the white paper release.

If anything, Oyetola is guilty of bringing the highly reputed and respected institution of Obaship down with the way he hurriedly through the backdoor like a drunken chief executive appoint the subject Obas. To correct the cold war currently pervading the affected towns, the present administration had to take the bulls by the horns in reeling out the Government’s White Paper aimed at correcting all the correctables associated with all the kingship tussles in Osun state.

The present issue as it were is at best between Osun state government and the communities involved. Why then is the opposition APC now crying more than the bereaved with the way and manner they are going about with no sense of dignity and decorum.

For the last time, if at all they will take heed, it is high time for the APC to stop politicizing the issue of obaship conundrum in Osun state so as not to jeopardize the much enjoyed peace and unity of our dear state .

It is also laughable to hear and read that the on-going multi million naira projects in different towns and cities of Osun is giving the opposition party APC sleepless nights in such a manner that they are calling for the identity of the contractors handling one project or the other.

For their knowledge and attention of the public at large, Osun state government under the leadership of Mr Project, H.E. Senator Ademola Adeleke followed due process in awarding all the contracts. Doubters and naysayers as opposition APC have turned out to be in recent times, should go and fact check because it is already in the public domain.

The contractors that are carrying out the projects in different towns and cities are seasoned professionals who are all well established .

On the issue of Government White Paper in respect of the recovery of all government vehicles illegally taken away by the former public office holders, Osun state government under the leadership of Senator Ademola Adeleke will not go back on its stand. It is a project that must see the light of the day. It is only those who have skeletons in their cupboard that will be afraid. We make bold to say that any moment from now, a special task force comprising of security agencies and government officials will be out to implement the recovery.

On the issue of JUSUN strike, the state Government warn the opposition APC from politicizing the industrial strike which is an internal crisis within the judiciary sector and to which the state Government is trying to mediate for amicable resolution by even taking over the payment of some of the claims of the striking judiciary staffs. The state Government deserves commendations rather than condemnation.

Finally, we are again using this medium to announce for the umpteenth time that, no amount of gerrymandering and political mischief being hatched and orchestrated on a daily basis by the opposition APC will stop the present administration in Osun state from carrying out all the listed contents of the Government White Paper to a logical conclusion.

We call on the members of the public, to disregard and put at bay all the antics of the opposition APC in Osun state as Ademola Adeleke led administration will not let the people of Osun state down in righting all the many wrongs and shortcomings of the defeated administration of Adegboyega Oyetola.

Thank you.

Oluomo Kolapo Alimi
Information and Public Enlightenment.

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