Ogun NUJ: Osun APC, a Meddlesome Interloper– Osun PDP

Ogun NUJ: Osun APC, a Meddlesome Interloper– Osun PDP

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The Osun State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has mocked the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state over failed attempt to launder its battered image with fake sympathy for journalist attacked by security agent in Ogun state, describing the main opposition party as a bunch of frustrated people looking for anything to cash on.

The PDP, in a statement signed by its Director of Media, Hon Hezekiah Oladele Bamiji (HOB), lambasted the APC for trying to draw political capital from the incident rather than genuine concern for the victim, saying the Tajudeen Lawal faction of the APC should be ashamed of itself for trying to profit from the pain of another person.

Hon. Oladele bemoaned the APC cheap tactics of latching on anything against Governor Adeleke no matter how ludicrous and misleading, noting that the latest unfounded narrative against the Governor has further exposed the desperation of the opposition in the failed bid to mislead the public.

“As a party, we have nothing but pity the APC in Osun going by how low it has descended in the theatrical push to rubbish the public rating of Governor Ademola Adeleke. It is even disturbing to note the desperation of the APC to launder its battered image with Osun people and distract attentions from question of public assets unlawfully carted away by its members,” Hon. Oladele noted.

“Instead of looking for imaginary faults of Governor Adeleke, we enjoin the APC in Osun state to face the opprobrium of shameful defence of it’s members who stole Osun peoples’ assets The general perception of the public is that the APC is a nest of thieves and that should worry it more than the misleading narrative against Governor Adeleke.

“If the APC thinks it can distract the focus of the people from the real issue with an incident that has been proven inaccurate, then it must be joking. Osun people are resolute more than ever to ensure that those who stole from them return the stolen goods and will not fall for the APC shameless tactics as the fake sympathy on attack on journalist in Ogun represents.

“The security aide involved in the attack wasn’t in the entourage of Governor Adeleke and so, it is nothing but a fallacy to try to tie it around his Excellency. It is a bad politics that has failed on arrival and the APC must wake up to this reality and face the raging question of the mindless looting of the state by its members. That is what matters to Osun people, not the influenced attack on the person of the Governor through twisted narrative.”

Hon. Hezekiah Oladele Bamiji (HOB),
Director of Media, Osun State PDP

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