Osun Women In Politics Leadership Workshop / summit, second edition program,Held in Osun central Osogbo GMT

Osun Women In Politics Leadership Workshop / summit, second edition program,Held in Osun central Osogbo GMT

7th December 2023

The second edition of the Osun Women In Politics Leadership Workshop was held today at GMT Hotel Hall, oshogbo, Osun State. The event was themed “Empowering Women For Political Leadership” and was open to participants from osun central.

The convener of the event, Saliu Nafisat Opeyemi, known politically as Democracy, welcomed the guests and participants to the summit. She emphasized the importance of women’s political participation and leadership, and the need to empower women to achieve their political aspirations.

Nofisat also highlighted the challenges that women face in politics, such as underestimation, underrepresentation, and marginalization. However, she expressed confidence that women can break down these barriers and make their voices heard.

The workshop featured a keynote address by Mallam Olawale Rasheed, Special Adviser to the Osun State Governor. through Hon Ọlálékan Badmus SA to governor Ademola Nurudeen adeleke In his address, Rasheed commended the organizers of the event and urged the participants to be bold and resolute in the political process. He also advised them to attend political meetings regularly, contribute meaningfully, and ignore stigmas and financial constraints.

This second edition also featured educative and practical sessions on developing leadership skills, developing a winning political campaign and navigating the political landscape as a woman.

Session 1
Honorable Mercy Ayodele,former governor candidate osun 2018 election.
Speak on developing political leadership skills As a women, we hope you will help or participants develop the skills,they need to be effective leaders such as public speaking, negotiation, conflict resolution, and team building.

The Osun Women In Politics Leadership Workshop/Summit was a valuable experience for all of the participants. It provided them with the knowledge and skills they need to overcome the challenges they face in politics and to achieve their political aspirations. The summit also helped to build a network of women leaders who are committed to creating a more equitable and just Osun State where women have a seat at the table.
Session 2
Facilitator: B
Mrs oluwakemi Akinyemi
Programme director
Kimpact development initiative. Speak on development A winning political campaign as a women.
Identifying and targeting key constituencies/constituents Developing a strong message and platform
_ Raining and managing campaign funds
_ Running effective voter outreach and GOTV effort

The Workshop was attended by a diverse group of young women, including students, entrepreneurs, professionals, and community leaders. It was a valuable opportunity for the participants to learn from each other, share their experiences, and network with other women leaders.
Session 3
Barrister Opeyemi Oladunjoye (OPRAH)
Member Osun state Health management board, secretary Osun Youth Advisory Council, Former House of Assembly Aspirant,
Speak on Navigating the political landscape as a women
The impact of gender stereotypes and discrimination on women political participation Strategies for building coalitions and support network

  • How to navigate the political process effectively

The Osun Women In Politics Leadership Workshop/Summit is a laudable initiative that is designed to empower women and increase their participation in political leadership. The summit is expected to have a positive impact on the political landscape of Osun State and Nigeria as a whole.

Osun women in politics workshop summit second edition program want to use this medium to thank all our supportive that makes our dreams about second edition program comes to reality

Thank you all the Almighty Allah will continue to bless you more than your expectations

Convener osun women in politics workshop summit

Saliu Nofisat Opeyemi politically knows as Democracy
Media Assistant to Governor Ademola Nurudeen adeleke

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