Re: Osun PDP and their lifelong heritage of Administrative Rascality by James Bamgbose

Re: Osun PDP and their lifelong heritage of Administrative Rascality by James Bamgbose

The recent statement from a group calling themselves the “Progressive e-group” reveals a lack of progressiveness in their thinking. Despite being expected to embody youthful vigor, their statement instead reflects a regressive mindset. What progress can be expected from a group aligned with a party that has shown a lack of understanding in governance?

It is apparent that the group’s assessment lacks merit and is based on flawed premises. Only those detached from reality would make such baseless claims about the PDP administration. Governor Adeleke has brought a much-needed sense of order to the management of the state’s resources.

One wonders if the group’s observations stem from a fundamental misunderstanding of good governance. A comprehensive analysis of Governor Adeleke’s tenure clearly demonstrates his remarkable achievements within a year in office. Only those willfully blind to the facts would deny this reality.

It is disappointing that a lawyer agreed to have his name as author of such a worthless piece. It is important to correct the misconceptions and contribute to education of those behind the sham promoted as criticism.

Regarding the group’s confusion about the N35,000 wage palliative, the question that could have saved them from the uninformed position was whether there was a directive anywhere for Governors, including Governor Adeleke for the state government to pay the palliative.

The promoter of the group should go back to where the Chief of Staff to the President announced the N35,000 wage palliative for all Federal workers and they would realize how much they gaffed. Did the Federal Government announce that the State Government should pay N35,000 too? The answer is NO. There was no time that the FG announced such for the state. Both Malik and Taoheed should have people close to the “seat of power” of the country, if nothing, but political persuasion, and as such, have no reason whatsoever for the erroneous conclusion they entertained in their piece.

Governor Adeleke has been accountable for every penny collected as palliatives on behalf of the state. The group should not mistake the Governor for the financial recklessness that defined its party’s better-forgotten years in the state. It must also be emphasized that as much as democracy allows for freedom of speech, it must however not be abused as the laws clearly have a measure against defamation of character, which the release of the e-progressive, or whatever it called itself, portrayed.

Taoheed and his associates should return to the state and compare the 8½ years of PDP administration with the aimless 12 years of the APC. When it comes to the welfare of the people, the e-progressive lost it completely as the horrible experience of civil servants and pensioners is still fresh in the minds of the people of the state and outside observers. If confused, they can pay a visit to the State Secretariat and see for themselves how Governor Adeleke has prioritized the welfare of civil servants, resolving longstanding issues and restoring hopes for the long-suffering civil servants and pensioners in the state.

The e-progressive needs to be reminded of the state of affairs in Osun State under the APC’s governance. The APC administration left a legacy of humongous debts; owing months of salaries, refusing to approve promotion for civil servants for years, and when it eventually did, refusing to implement financial implications for them, and a mountain of pension liabilities. Is the e-progressive expecting the state to return to such a dire situation? NEVER!

The group’s misguided criticisms, despite staying outside the state for some time now, showed a lack of sincerity and calculated plot to misinform unsuspecting public about the reality of things in Osun state. But I can assure them that they will fail as people are wiser now.

James Bamgbose writes from Osogbo, Osun State.

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