Waste Evacuation: Ensure There’s No Cataracts Of Dirt Impeding Your Sight – Osun PDP Lambasts Alarmist APC.

Waste Evacuation: Ensure There’s No Cataracts Of Dirt Impeding Your Sight – Osun PDP Lambasts Alarmist APC.

When the mind is overwhelmed with dirt like that of the APC, the PDP says the tendency is high that everything or everywhere becomes dirty in the sight of the claimants like the jobless APC, whose daily preoccupation is some beer parlour fault finding, no matter how low or non-existent.

The ruling Peoples Democratic Party in Osun State has advised the troubled opposition All Progressives Congress to seek help and clear the cataracts of dirt in its sight so as not to be beclouded with the warped assumption of tagging the state capital, Osogbo, as dirty.

A statement from the media office of the ruling party in Osogbo, and signed by the state party chairman, Hon Sunday Bisi, debunked the insinuations by the APC that the state capital has been overtaken by dirt, clarifying that, available dump trucks are often deployed by the state government to evacuate wastes generated by residents, especially in Osogbo, the state capital.

“The ruling party also disclosed that most of the dump trucks have been grounded by the immediate past APC administration, who are now shedding unsolicited crocodile tears. Some of the trucks, though being tracked steadily, were equally carted away during the looting escapade of the defeated opposition, thereby invariably slowing down the pace of waste evacuation.”

“The impediments occasioned by the APC’s irresponsibility in office, especially the nonchalant and the knee-jerking vendetta with which Mr Oyetola and his gang of destroyers administered the state after his defeat at the poll, are being vigorously addressed to fill the vacuum in the waste evacuation across the state.”

“The deliberate impediment notwithstanding, officials of government in the Ministry of Environment are up and doing and on daily basis, removing dirt from the township roads. “

“We are also not unaware of the mischief by the APC circulating pictures of wastes taken during the ruinous administration of the highly discredited opposition and the highly intelligent residents of the state must be alert to this.”

“The good people of Osun State are therefore advised to discountenance the alarmist APC as mere hoax of a bewildered robber, living in intermittent agony of defeat with the attendant stigmatization.”

“While we may not have power over evil wishes of the APC for its members regarding outbreak of diseases as contained in a statement credited to its chairman, Taju Lawal, we however enjoin the people of Osun to ensure personal hygiene, especially at a time economic activities are heightened towards the fiscal year ending in few weeks, with outlined festive events.”

Hon Sunday Bisi
Osun State PDP Chairman

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